Custom Embroidery Services in Kansas City

Our custom embroidery services in Kansas City focus on what is important: a high-quality embroidered product that looks and feels professional. For that reason, we are experienced at making your embroidered logo look nice and clean, while following the exact specifications that your brand requires. Here at TW Sportswear, we can stitch your own customized logo onto your apparel of choice. Be it polos, shirts, or hoodies, we provide the embroidery service you need while giving you the best pricing and attention.

We are an online printing company providing seamless custom embroidery solutions to businesses in Kansas City, Smithville, and surrounding areas. But how does our embroidery process work? We input your own digitized logo to fulfill the custom embroidery service you need. That means that your imagination is the limit. At the same time, we want you, our customer, to have full control of the final product. That is why we offer different embroidery thread types such as nylon and polyester, as well as various stitching types such as satin and fill. That way, you can rest assured that your logo or company name is accurate and exactly the way you imagined it on your line of clothing. What’s more is that we use different types of fills to add a variety of textures to the finished product, making it look attractive and professional for your organization to fashion at your next event.

At TW Sportswear, we can handle quantities of one to 50,000 units, so you know size does not intimidate us. In addition, we continue working with your organization by giving you the option to create a site page where you or your staff can continue placing orders using our professional custom embroidery services in Kansas City. Finally, we know how important it is that you and your team are ready to stand out at your next event. To make sure you are, TW Sportswear offers full-service shipping services to deliver your embroidered products to your door as soon as possible.


Custom Embroidery
Stitch on your logo for a nice, clean, professional look.

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