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TW Sportswear began organically from the efforts of a restless mother of four and the need for high quality yet affordable t-shirts for her children’s swim team who were desperately trying to raise money for equipment. That initial order occurred during the 2008 financial market “crash” and we saw an opportunity to help cash strapped organizations to both save and raise money while building a family business. In the early days of our startup you could expect to see our family sorting orders on the living room floor, running a press in our basement, and hauling our toddler on deliveries and even some client meetings!

Despite the chaos of raising a large family and blundering through the initial stages of a business startup, we have been able to grow TW Sportswear into a large and successful company that is fortunate to include a customer base of  many large corporations like Randy Reed Automotive and JE Dunn, school districts like St. Pius X, Park Hill, and Plaza Middle School, not for profit companies like the YMCA, Team Smile, the Kroc Centers, and Sporting KCs the Victory Project as well as numerous local and national teams and organizations. We have truly been blessed by the support, guidance, and friendship of numerous vendors, suppliers, and our many clients.

We feel blessed to being asked to serve on the boards of both the North Kansas City YMCA and Sporting KCs The Victory Project. This addition to our resume is a direct reflection of our commitment to our clients success as well as our dedication to continually serve others.

We are so proud and thankful to be in this wonderful business and feel honored that so many people trust us with their sportswear, branding, and printing needs. Thank you TW Sportswear friends and family for the opportunity to offer you the best this industry has to offer as well as your continued support.

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